Data-driven decisions are key

In this information era, data-driven decisions are key. We know more about the physical environment than ever before. Different types of data describing our physical environment have increased in quantity, quality and accessibility. Looking across these datasets gives us new insights.

Lizard opens up new possibilities to integrate spatially distributed timeseries and geodata, allowing you to transform data into informed decisions.

Operational Water Management

Making choices is at the heart of operational water management. During droughts, flooding, and daily management tasks, good information is key to making the right decisions, at the right time.

Information about water systems is often locked in across expert applications and databases. These systems are perfectly aligned with the experts’ needs but are often bounded to an administrative area.

Lizard integrates water information. With easy-accessible portals and dashboards, experts and decisionmakers have the right information at their fingertips.

Rapid developments and new innovations in satellite data give us a new, better view on crops. However, most farmers do not have access to these useful insights.

With its advanced processing capabilities, Lizard integrates satellite and geo data providing new information on the world’s food production. Combining that with field observations collected by smartphones, helps farmers, suppliers and corporations around the globe optimizing their yield.

Agriculture and Food

Flood Risk

Climate change, land subsidence and ever growing economies and populations increase flood risks around the globe. New technologies, better data and state of the art flood simulations are increasing the knowledge of flood managers, spatial planners, insurers and real estate investors on floods risks.

Lizard holds more than 20.000 flood scenarios and helps processing these scenarios to give stakeholders essential insights in estimated damages, arrival times, accessibility of roads, water depths and flow velocities. Combining these insights with other valuable information based on satellite data, gauge and well data or crowd sourced data helps in better understanding flood risks and making better decisions.

Heavy downpours, enduring droughts and heat waves are becoming the status quo. Cities and governments around the globe are anticipating on our changing climate. With an interactive Atlas, Lizard enables cities and governments to share the impact of climate change and incorporate citizens and businesses in adaptation strategies.


Powerful data integration

Grid data

Static and temporal grid data, such as geodata, satellite data or spatially distributed weather forecasts

Time series

Time series describing our physical environment, such as water levels, temperature, air quality and growth stages

Alarms & Events

Configure and store alarms and events over time to explore and understand anomalies


Store your assets and all relevant metadata such as measuring stations, groundwater stations, parcels, administrative boundaries and more

Connect your favourite tools

Mobile and desktop friendly interfaces


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