1. Cloud solution

  •  No need to install software
  •  Always available: at the office, at home and in the field
  •  Works on your laptop, tablet & smartphone
  •  Automatic updates

Lizard is a web service and therefore requires no installation.

Users receive an account, which enables logging on to the service on any platform. Lizard runs on modern browsers such as IE10 and higher, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Updates of the Lizard software and the data run in the background. You will have access to your current data anywhere, anytime.

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2. User friendly

  •  Intuitive
  •  Map-oriented
  •  Share data between organizations and departments
  •  Quick access to all data
  •  All data is represented on a map

There’s no need for an instruction manual, a course or a technical document to start using it. We have put much effort into the design of the interface. The result is simple and intuitive with few bells and whistles.

Because anyone can work with Lizard, it is easy to share data with colleagues or other organizations

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3. Reports & tools

  •  Overflow report
  •  Key Performance Indicators
  •  Water balances
  •  Elevation data as a map, intersection or summary view
  •  Land use
  •  Alert service for (among others) extreme precipitation

Lizard is full of many useful interactive tools which provide improved insight of the data. Examples include tools for drawing an elevation profile, elevation curve or the percentage of open water.

Lizard also supports advanced reporting tools for overflows, malfunctions and water balances. Higher level aggregated information is also available with the Key Performance Indicator tools.

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4. Filled with data

  •  Topography
  •  Large scale digital map
  •  Satellite imagery
  •  Measurements
  •  Malfunctions and alerts
  •  Precipitation radar
  •  Channels
  •  Sewerage

Lizard is equipped with a general dataset for your area of interest. These include detailed topography, a large scale digital map (including buildings, roads, etc.) and satellite imagery. You have access to the precipitation radar (we take care of the right subscription), so you are able to accurately determine precipitation. It’s also possible to add water channels and sewerage from already existing management and maintenance systems.

Do you have additional maps you want to access online? That is also trivial and quick with Lizard. Real-time measurements from telemetry systems or any kind of databases (e.g. FEWS) are available instantly. You will have direct access to all relevant data. You can determine which persons or organizations have access to what data.

Do you have specific wishes or questions pertaining to validation of measurements or quality checks of your management data? Contact one of our colleagues for the answers to your questions.

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5. Easy to implement

  •  Directly accessible
  •  General dataset
  •  Expandable with your own data
  •  Scalable and affordable

Lizard is immediately operational. Within a day you will have access to the general dataset.  We can also quickly add additional data from your management and maintenance system and telemetry system. We will be happy to visit you for an interview so we can connect your system correctly. Connecting your system comes at a one-time implementation fee.

The system scales from village to national scale. This implies that Lizard loads hundreds of map layers and billions of data units at top speed thanks to the advanced database structures and state-of-the-art internet technology.

Is it expensive? That is for you to decide, but Lizard is available to your organization starting from 250 euro per month.

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  Basic Standard Professional
Users  1  5  10+
Digital Elevation map (0,25 m2 resolution)
Land-use map (0,25 m2 resolution)
Bathymetry (0,25 m2 resolution)
Real-time precipitation (1 km2 resolution)
Recurrence interval precipitation
Interactive tools
Historic precipitation (in years)  1  3  5+
Expected precipitation (1 km2 resolution)  
Objects – management/maintenance systems    25.000  50.000+
Time series/telemetry/FEWS    1000  2000+
Reporting tools  
Alerts      5+
3Di scenarios    
Key Performance Indicators    
Infinitely scalable    

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